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Pending projects

Title Project ID Unit Manager Assigned priority
Review Handling of Sensitive Data Within the School 302 services-unit cms 1
Provision of secure web service for user data 301 services-unit roger
Firewall Hole Admin/Tracking 300
Computing help site enhancements 298 compexec ascobie
Virtual desktop infrastructure 295 mp-unit squinney
InfHR Migration from Legacy SchoolDB to Theon 294 rat-unit timc
Hadoop cluster revamp 291 rat-unit iainr
Mimic new 2013 Uni web look 288
CEG internal documentation review 286 compexec
US Unit internal documentation review 285 us-unit alisond
RAT Unit internal documentation review 284 rat-unit
Services Unit internal documentation review 283 services-unit
Infrastructure Internal Documentation review 282 inf-unit
MPU - internal documentation review 281 mp-unit
CO Documentation revamp 280
Use LCFG to pre-configure Apple Macs 277 mp-unit
Virtualised DICE image - follow on 276 mp-unit
Improve KVM guest migration using shared storage 275 mp-unit
OpenLDAP: investigate slapd-config 266 inf-unit toby
OpenLDAP: investigate mdb backend 265 inf-unit toby
Top 5 MPU wee projects 264 mp-unit ascobie
Use Central Lists Service to host Informatics Database Generated Mailing Lists 263 services-unit neilb
Lab Exam Virtual Machine Image 261 rat-unit gdutton
Multicast routing 255 inf-unit gdmr
Laptop support - produce platform specific documentation for DICE services 253 compexec ascobie
DICE VM for Staff 252 rat-unit iainr
Documentation update - head of computing 249 compexec ascobie
Documentation update - managed platform unit 248 mp-unit ascobie
Build Farm enhancements 245 mp-unit squinney
Monitoring System: Passive reporting scripts 244 inf-unit idurkacz
Move user and group web space to AFS 243 services-unit cms
Monitoring System: Jabber and email interface development 242 inf-unit idurkacz
Monitoring System Rewrite 241 inf-unit idurkacz
Enhancement of wallet to support external X.509 certificates 240 inf-unit idurkacz
Rewrite LCFG file component 238 mp-unit ascobie
Updaterpms to validate signed packages 237 mp-unit ascobie
Web application to allow users to configure software for DICE desktops 236 mp-unit ascobie
Web application to allow users to choose software for DICE desktops 235 mp-unit ascobie
Teaching/Research Software Requirements Management 231 rat-unit timc
Monitoring system enhancements 230 inf-unit idurkacz
Streaming Media Server 227 compexec neilb
Full-service jabber 221 inf-unit gdmr
Enhancements to existing room booking system 217 services-unit cms
Consider how we can make use of new IS IDMS 216 compexec timc
Database-driven network configuration - feasibility study 212 inf-unit gdmr
Tutor Allocation Management 208 rat-unit gdutton
large file distribution and management system 196 rat-unit iainr
Deploy DIR machine (with EPCC) 190 compexec ascobie
ERA Integration 189 services-unit cms
Port School Wiki content to central Confluence service 185 services-unit cms
Port websites using apache component to apacheconf 184 services-unit cms
Push R&T Packages Upstream 176 rat-unit timc
Enhancement of wallet to support keytabs 174 inf-unit idurkacz
Investigate FreeSWITCH (open source "communications platform") 170 inf-unit gdmr
School Database - Changes for Prometheus 169 rat-unit timc
Provide Service Status Display 166 compexec alisond
Develop tool for AFS performance benchmarking 159 services-unit cms
Remote hardware management for desktops 156 mp-unit squinney
DevProj Improvements 152 us-unit timc
Further improvements to TiBS component 150 services-unit cms
Package submission enhancement 148 mp-unit ascobie
Devproj enhancements 145 us-unit alisond
Lightweight Platform 143 mp-unit cc
LCFG Beginners Guide 141 mp-unit squinney
Automated upstream package repository mirroring 140 mp-unit squinney
LCFG Client Refactoring 139 mp-unit squinney
Perimeter filter logging 133 inf-unit gdmr
Informatics Reports into Edinburgh Research Archive 114 rat-unit timc
Switch ACL configuration tools 109 inf-unit gdmr
Investigate IPv6 issues 108 inf-unit gdmr
rfe replacement 107 inf-unit gdmr
LCFG Component Test Framework 105 mp-unit squinney
Infrastructure for PGP and/or S/MIME 104 inf-unit gdmr
Evaluate DNSsec signing 100 inf-unit gdmr
Investigate sFlow 98 inf-unit gdmr
Investigate SELinux 91 mp-unit ascobie
Lab Availability Ticker 89 rat-unit timc
Incorporation of Pykota into CUPS 88 services-unit cms
Minimal LCFG 86 mp-unit squinney
OpenID Identity Provider 85 inf-unit sxw
Virtual Open Day 66 rat-unit timc
Review ISDD System 64 rat-unit timc
Design new LCFG package specification 63 mp-unit ascobie
LCFG log server replacement 57 mp-unit ascobie
LCFG documentation technology 55 mp-unit ascobie
Evaluate linux distributions 53 mp-unit ascobie
Merge fstab and lvm components 51 mp-unit ascobie
LCFG boot component rewrite 49 mp-unit ascobie
(re)introduce Kerberised Printing 40 services-unit cms
Management Reports from the RT system 35 us-unit ktd
Perimeter Filter Reporting 32 inf-unit gdmr
802.1X and RADIUS 30 inf-unit gdmr