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Title Manager Project ID Unit Current stage Assigned Priority
Prometheus: multiple identities toby 305 inf-unit 3_Implementation 2
AT 6/7/8 decant to somewhere gdmr 304 compexec 3_Implementation
AT 3/4/5 decant to Forrest Hill gdmr 303 compexec 3_Implementation
Review Handling of Sensitive Data Within the School cms 302 services-unit 0_Pending 1
Provision of secure web service for user data roger 301 services-unit 0_Pending
Firewall Hole Admin/Tracking 300 0_Pending
Local Forum Service alisond 299 us-unit 3_Implementation
Computing help site enhancements ascobie 298 compexec 0_Pending
LCFG systemd component ascobie 297 mp-unit 2_Evaluation 1
LCFG SL7 port (inf level) ascobie 296 mp-unit 3_Implementation 1
Virtual desktop infrastructure squinney 295 mp-unit 0_Pending
InfHR Migration from Legacy SchoolDB to Theon timc 294 rat-unit 0_Pending
IGS Misc Development timc 293 rat-unit 3_Implementation
Produce a not-a-service for trialling toby 292 inf-unit 2_Evaluation
Hadoop cluster revamp iainr 291 rat-unit 0_Pending
Research Data Audit cms 290 services-unit 1_Proposal 2
Evaluate move of LCFG configuration from svn to git cc 289 mp-unit 2_Evaluation
Mimic new 2013 Uni web look 288 0_Pending
Securing web servers neilb 287 services-unit 3_Implementation
CEG internal documentation review 286 compexec 0_Pending
US Unit internal documentation review alisond 285 us-unit 0_Pending
RAT Unit internal documentation review 284 rat-unit 0_Pending
Services Unit internal documentation review 283 services-unit 0_Pending
Infrastructure Internal Documentation review 282 inf-unit 0_Pending
MPU - internal documentation review 281 mp-unit 0_Pending
CO Documentation revamp 280 0_Pending
Options for two-factor authentication idurkacz 279 inf-unit 4_Signoff
Display SAT info on AT foyer display screens iainr 278 rat-unit 4_Signoff
Use LCFG to pre-configure Apple Macs 277 mp-unit 0_Pending
Virtualised DICE image - follow on 276 mp-unit 0_Pending
Improve KVM guest migration using shared storage 275 mp-unit 0_Pending
LCFG client - remove obsolete module dependencies 274 mp-unit 3_Implementation
Deploy Git and Gerrit as full services cms 272 services-unit 3_Implementation 3
A new project to check the migration ascobie 271 mp-unit 4d_Dropped 3
Project Submission timc 270 rat-unit 2_Evaluation
Redevelop School Equipment inventory ascobie 269 compexec 3s_Stalled
Investigate AFS on ECDF storage cms 268 services-unit 2_Evaluation
Use Central Lists Service to host Informatics Database Generated Mailing Lists neilb 263 services-unit 0_Pending
Top 5 MPU wee projects ascobie 264 mp-unit 0_Pending
OpenLDAP: investigate mdb backend toby 265 inf-unit 0_Pending
OpenLDAP: investigate slapd-config toby 266 inf-unit 0_Pending
OpenLDAP: DICE client configuration idurkacz 267 inf-unit 4_Signoff
Software Download Portal/Repository: Stage 1 roger 258 services-unit 3_Implementation
Streaming Media Service Requirements roger 259 services-unit 3s_Stalled
Investigate alternatives to our existing MIT kerberos authentication infrastruct gdmr 260 inf-unit 3_Implementation
Lab Exam Virtual Machine Image gdutton 261 rat-unit 0_Pending
Lifecycle code design toby 262 inf-unit 3_Implementation
Absence Reporting Management cc 257 mp-unit 3s_Stalled
VM / cloud options survey iainr 256 compexec 3_Implementation
Multicast routing gdmr 255 inf-unit 0_Pending
User accessible login reports squinney 254 mp-unit 5_Completed
Laptop support - produce platform specific documentation for DICE services ascobie 253 compexec 0_Pending
Documentation update - managed platform unit ascobie 248 mp-unit 0_Pending
Documentation update - head of computing ascobie 249 compexec 0_Pending
Documentation update - infrastructure unit gdmr 250 inf-unit 5_Completed
Migrate all VMware guests to KVM service ascobie 251 mp-unit 5_Completed
DICE VM for Staff iainr 252 rat-unit 0_Pending
Documentation update - services unit cms 247 services-unit 4_Signoff
Move user and group web space to AFS cms 243 services-unit 0_Pending
Monitoring System: Passive reporting scripts idurkacz 244 inf-unit 0_Pending
Build Farm enhancements squinney 245 mp-unit 0_Pending
Documentation update - RAT unit iainr 246 rat-unit 3_Implementation
Monitoring System: Jabber and email interface development idurkacz 242 inf-unit 0_Pending
Monitoring System Rewrite idurkacz 241 inf-unit 0_Pending
Enhancement of wallet to support external X.509 certificates idurkacz 240 inf-unit 0_Pending
DICE virtual image with teaching software for students - trial cc 239 mp-unit 3_Implementation
Review of Forum wireless installation idurkacz 233 inf-unit 4d_Dropped
Increasing Energy Savings from DICE Desktops cc 234 mp-unit 5_Completed
Web application to allow users to choose software for DICE desktops ascobie 235 mp-unit 0_Pending
Web application to allow users to configure software for DICE desktops ascobie 236 mp-unit 0_Pending
Updaterpms to validate signed packages ascobie 237 mp-unit 0_Pending
Rewrite LCFG file component ascobie 238 mp-unit 0_Pending
ISS Misc Development timc 228 rat-unit 3_Implementation
Windows 7 upgrade alisond 229 compexec 5_Completed
Monitoring system enhancements idurkacz 230 inf-unit 0_Pending
Teaching/Research Software Requirements Management timc 231 rat-unit 0_Pending
Provide support for REF 2012 cc 232 compexec 3_Implementation
Streaming Media Server neilb 227 compexec 0_Pending
Replace CVS with SVN on www.inf roger 226 services-unit 3_Implementation
LCFG client refactor - code cleanup squinney 225 mp-unit 3_Implementation
System Security Enhancements squinney 224 mp-unit 5_Completed
KDC upgrade to 1.9 gdmr 223 inf-unit 5_Completed
SL6 upgrade for US unit alisond 218 us-unit 3_Implementation
SL6 upgrade for Services Unit cms 219 services-unit 4_Signoff
SL6 upgrade for RAT Unit iainr 220 rat-unit 3_Implementation
Full-service jabber gdmr 221 inf-unit 0_Pending
Informatics chatroom service idurkacz 222 inf-unit 4d_Dropped
Enhancements to existing room booking system cms 217 services-unit 0_Pending
Consider how we can make use of new IS IDMS timc 216 compexec 0_Pending
Web based student password portal cms 215 services-unit 3_Implementation
Web search front end to package repository roger 214 services-unit 3_Implementation
Wake-on-LAN cc 213 mp-unit 5_Completed
Tutor Allocation Management gdutton 208 rat-unit 0_Pending
Course in a Box 2 neilb 209 rat-unit 4_Signoff
Sl6 Dice desktop iainr 210 rat-unit 5_Completed
SL6 RAT packages roger 211 rat-unit 5_Completed
Database-driven network configuration - feasibility study gdmr 212 inf-unit 0_Pending
School Database Revamp: Phase 1B & 2B timc 207 rat-unit 3_Implementation
Collaborative LaTeX System - Remedial Work timc 206 rat-unit 3_Implementation
Webmark Reform gdutton 205 rat-unit 1_Proposal
Projects Database replacement gdutton 204 rat-unit 1_Proposal
SL6 upgrade for MPU services ascobie 203 mp-unit 5_Completed
Install AT3/4/5 network upgrade gdmr 198 inf-unit 5_Completed
Teaching/Research Software Requirements Framework roger 199 rat-unit 5_Completed
inf-unit work for SL6 development/desktop platform gdmr 200 inf-unit 5_Completed
inf-unit work for SL6 server platform gdmr 201 inf-unit 5_Completed
Simple KVM based virtualisation service ascobie 202 compexec 5_Completed
Review roles mechanism roger 197 services-unit 3_Implementation
large file distribution and management system iainr 196 rat-unit 0_Pending
Introduction/Integration of new event management system roger 195 services-unit 4d_Dropped
Meeting the School's Archiving Needs cms 194 services-unit 2_Evaluation 3
Migration of Mailing Lists to Central Service roger 193 services-unit 4d_Dropped
Prometheus: enable account lifecycle toby 188 inf-unit 3s_Stalled
ERA Integration cms 189 services-unit 0_Pending
Procure upgrade of AT3/4/5 network gdmr 191 inf-unit 5_Completed
Deploy DIR machine (with EPCC) ascobie 190 compexec 0_Pending
Introduction of Drupal as the new commodity WCMS cms 192 services-unit 3s_Stalled
Account Reconciliation alisond 182 compexec 3_Implementation
Improved Bug Tracking Tool cms 183 services-unit 3_Implementation
Port websites using apache component to apacheconf cms 184 services-unit 0_Pending
Port School Wiki content to central Confluence service cms 185 services-unit 0_Pending
Migration of AFS data cms 186 services-unit 5_Completed
Prometheus: migration to new database feeds toby 187 inf-unit 5_Completed
Evaluate UniDesk as Incident Management Tool alisond 177 us-unit 5_Completed
Course In A Box roger 178 services-unit 5_Completed
Prometheus Enhancements toby 179 inf-unit 1_Proposal
KDC Rekey toby 180 inf-unit 1_Proposal
OpenLDAP 2.4 Upgrade idurkacz 181 inf-unit 5_Completed
Virtualised DICE image - scoping iainr 172 rat-unit 5_Completed
Review of AT3/4/5 network idurkacz 173 inf-unit 5_Completed
Enhancement of wallet to support keytabs idurkacz 174 inf-unit 0_Pending
Hadoop cluster cc 175 rat-unit 5_Completed
Push R&T Packages Upstream timc 176 rat-unit 0_Pending
Server hardware interaction phase 2 ascobie 171 mp-unit 5_Completed
Investigate FreeSWITCH (open source "communications platform") gdmr 170 inf-unit 0_Pending
School Database - Changes for Prometheus timc 169 rat-unit 0_Pending
Password strength checks gdmr 168 inf-unit 3s_Stalled
Port inf-unit components to FC12 gdmr 167 inf-unit 5_Completed
Port inf-unit components to F12 gdmr 162 inf-unit 4d_Dropped
SICSA web iainr 163 rat-unit 3s_Stalled
Prometheus AFS PTS conduit cms 164 services-unit 3_Implementation
Improved Room Booking / Event Management System cms 165 services-unit 5_Completed
Provide Service Status Display alisond 166 compexec 0_Pending
Move of www.inf to new technology neilb 158 services-unit 5_Completed
Develop tool for AFS performance benchmarking cms 159 services-unit 0_Pending
Port LCFG to Fedora 13 ascobie 160 mp-unit 5_Completed
Investigate install scripts for self-managed machines cc 161 mp-unit 5_Completed
F12 DICE Desktop iainr 157 compexec 5_Completed
Remote hardware management for desktops squinney 156 mp-unit 0_Pending
loghost implementation gdmr 155 compexec 5_Completed
Replacement for VMware Server ascobie 154 mp-unit 3s_Stalled
Implement print quotas via Pcounter idurkacz 153 services-unit 5_Completed
DevProj Improvements timc 152 us-unit 0_Pending
Deploy TiBS to self managed machines cms 151 services-unit 5_Completed
Further improvements to TiBS component cms 150 services-unit 0_Pending
Development of a backup strategy for Informatics cms 149 services-unit 5_Completed
Package submission enhancement ascobie 148 mp-unit 0_Pending
Devproj enhancements alisond 145 us-unit 0_Pending
Inventory Improvement ascobie 146 us-unit 1_Proposal
Implement strategy for supporting self-managed machines ascobie 147 compexec 3_Implementation
LCFG Beginners Guide squinney 141 mp-unit 0_Pending
JEdit ML Interface enhancements gdutton 142 rat-unit 5_Completed
Lightweight Platform cc 143 mp-unit 0_Pending
Redevelop User Documentation alisond 144 us-unit 3_Implementation
Automated upstream package repository mirroring squinney 140 mp-unit 0_Pending
LCFG Client Refactoring squinney 139 mp-unit 0_Pending
Rewrite the LCFG syslog component squinney 138 mp-unit 4d_Dropped
Server Hardware Interaction cc 134 mp-unit 5_Completed
Further AFS development and automation cms 135 services-unit 3_Implementation
Provision of new Networker server cms 136 services-unit 4d_Dropped
Improvements in mirror management cms 137 services-unit 5_Completed
Perimeter filter logging gdmr 133 inf-unit 0_Pending
LCFG Fedora 12 port (inf level) cc 132 mp-unit 5_Completed
LCFG SL6 port (inf level) ascobie 131 mp-unit 5_Completed
Content Addressable Storage (CAS) Encrypted Backup dcspaul 130 inf-unit 5_Completed
Wallet Implementation idurkacz 129 inf-unit 5_Completed
Extend traffic monitoring to FibreChannel switches gdmr 128 compexec 4d_Dropped
Monitoring system upgrade idurkacz 125 inf-unit 5_Completed
Inspace iainr 126 rat-unit 3_Implementation
LLDP for DICE gdmr 127 inf-unit 4d_Dropped
Transition from NFS to AFS alisond 124 us-unit 5_Completed
IGS Database timc 123 rat-unit 4d_Dropped
Progress TiBS to full service cms 122 services-unit 5_Completed
Upgrade Twiki roger 121 services-unit 5_Completed
Forum Information Display Screens idurkacz 118 us-unit 5_Completed
AV facilities alisond 119 us-unit 3_Implementation
Moving kit from sites to Forum cms 120 compexec 3_Implementation
Software build farm squinney 115 mp-unit 5_Completed
Informatics Reports into Edinburgh Research Archive timc 114 rat-unit 0_Pending
Laptop support - develop strategy ascobie 116 compexec 5_Completed
Improve communication with users ascobie 117 compexec 3_Implementation
SICSA Database iainr 113 rat-unit 5_Completed
School Database Revamp timc 112 rat-unit 3_Implementation
EUCLID Interoperability timc 111 rat-unit 3_Implementation
Investigate IPv6 issues gdmr 108 inf-unit 0_Pending
Switch ACL configuration tools gdmr 109 inf-unit 0_Pending
EUCLID Informatics Enhancements timc 110 rat-unit 2_Evaluation
Infrastructure for PGP and/or S/MIME gdmr 104 inf-unit 0_Pending
LCFG Component Test Framework squinney 105 mp-unit 0_Pending
Final stages of commodity CMS work cms 106 services-unit 5_Completed
rfe replacement gdmr 107 inf-unit 0_Pending
Scanning for compromised machines idurkacz 103 inf-unit 5_Completed
Intrusion Detection System gdmr 102 inf-unit 2_Evaluation
OpenVPN service gdmr 101 inf-unit 5_Completed
Package Teaching & Research Software for Fedora timc 96 rat-unit 5_Completed
Informatics Commercialisation Website neilb 97 services-unit 5_Completed
Investigate sFlow gdmr 98 inf-unit 0_Pending
Investigate IPsec gdmr 99 inf-unit 4d_Dropped
Evaluate DNSsec signing gdmr 100 inf-unit 0_Pending
Collaborative LaTeX System timc 95 rat-unit 3s_Stalled
Develop power management solution for DICE desktops cc 94 mp-unit 5_Completed
Future direction for the main Informatics web service cms 93 services-unit 5_Completed
SL5 Desktop timc 92 rat-unit 5_Completed
Investigate SELinux ascobie 91 mp-unit 0_Pending
Minimal LCFG squinney 86 mp-unit 0_Pending
Testing and Development Environment toby 87 inf-unit 4d_Dropped
Incorporation of Pykota into CUPS cms 88 services-unit 0_Pending
Lab Availability Ticker timc 89 rat-unit 0_Pending
JavaMC - Proof-carrying Java Code gdutton 90 rat-unit 5_Completed
OpenID Identity Provider sxw 85 inf-unit 0_Pending
DICE SL5 Services idurkacz 84 inf-unit 5_Completed
DICE SL5 Server Platform idurkacz 83 inf-unit 5_Completed
Desktop Virtualization timc 82 rat-unit 5_Completed
Enhance LCFG support for MacOS investigation ascobie 81 mp-unit 5_Completed
PPTP endpoint gdmr 77 inf-unit 4d_Dropped
IPMI console access idurkacz 76 inf-unit 5_Completed
LCFG Server Refactoring ascobie 78 mp-unit 5_Completed
Port LCFG to some other linux distribution ascobie 80 mp-unit 4d_Dropped
DICE client LDAP configuration toby 79 inf-unit 3s_Stalled
Revisit Account Management toby 75 inf-unit 3_Implementation
LCFG SL5 port (inf level) cc 74 mp-unit 5_Completed
Cluster Parallel filesystem iainr 73 rat-unit 5_Completed
Proof General Eclipse Improvements gdutton 72 rat-unit 3s_Stalled
LCFG Linux install redevelopment ascobie 68 mp-unit 5_Completed
Review/Update Submit Practical Submission System cc 67 rat-unit 5_Completed
Improve Host key management (subsumed into "wallet" #129) sxw 69 inf-unit 4d_Dropped
"Friend" lightweight authentication system sxw 70 inf-unit 5_Completed
Logging policy and centralised logging gdmr 71 inf-unit 5_Completed
Design new LCFG package specification ascobie 63 mp-unit 0_Pending
Virtual Open Day timc 66 rat-unit 0_Pending
Personal Response Proxy timc 65 rat-unit 5_Completed
Review ISDD System timc 64 rat-unit 0_Pending
Inf FC6 desktop squinney 62 mp-unit 5_Completed
LCFG log server replacement ascobie 57 mp-unit 0_Pending
Empty - please delete 58
Empty - please delete 59
Empty - please delete 60
Simple server virtualisation ascobie 61 mp-unit 5_Completed
Empty - please delete 56
LCFG documentation technology ascobie 55 mp-unit 0_Pending
LCFG buildtools rewrite squinney 54 mp-unit 5_Completed
Evaluate linux distributions ascobie 53 mp-unit 0_Pending
Empty - please delete 52
Printer Accounting and Quotas cms 47 services-unit 5_Completed
Transition of Informatics staff mail services to Staffmail cms 48 services-unit 5_Completed
LCFG boot component rewrite ascobie 49 mp-unit 0_Pending
DICE under emulators ascobie 50 mp-unit 5_Completed
Merge fstab and lvm components ascobie 51 mp-unit 0_Pending
Replacement of LPRng with CUPS cms 46 services-unit 5_Completed
Improve search technology cms 45 services-unit 4d_Dropped
Suexec for [groups|conferences|workshops].inf cms 44 services-unit 4d_Dropped
Bring Mail Forwarding on the Virtual Mail Relay Under the Control of RFE or Equi cms 43 services-unit 4d_Dropped
Review of Repository Services cms 42 services-unit 4d_Dropped
Replace kx509 on mailman cms 37 services-unit 4d_Dropped
Replace Kx509 with CoSign for Web Services cms 38 services-unit 5_Completed
Provide a General IMAP service cms 39 services-unit 4d_Dropped
(re)introduce Kerberised Printing cms 40 services-unit 0_Pending
Printing From Non-DICE Clients cms 41 services-unit 4d_Dropped
Perimeter Filter Reporting gdmr 32 inf-unit 0_Pending
Network Management Review idurkacz 33 inf-unit 3s_Stalled
Investigate power management options for DICE desktops cc 34 mp-unit 5_Completed
Management Reports from the RT system ktd 35 us-unit 0_Pending
Review of user documentation idurkacz 36 us-unit 5_Completed
Future Console Servers idurkacz 31 inf-unit 5_Completed
802.1X and RADIUS gdmr 30 inf-unit 0_Pending
Empty - please delete 29
Gridengine Configuration Review iainr 28 rat-unit 3s_Stalled
Introduce a Production FC5 Desktop iainr 27 compexec 5_Completed
System Monitoring sxw 22 inf-unit 5_Completed
Increase the number of nodes in the 64 node cluster. iainr 23 rat-unit 5_Completed
New Administration Samba Server cms 24 services-unit 5_Completed
Infrastructure for New Informatics Forum gdmr 25 inf-unit 5_Completed
Infrastructure for Appleton Tower Refurbishment gdmr 26 inf-unit 5_Completed
IGS Database Work timc 20 rat-unit 5_Completed
Introduce a Web Services Server for Teaching timc 17 rat-unit 5_Completed
Development of Proof General for Eclipse gdutton 18 rat-unit 5_Completed
Development of HiGraph Application gdutton 19 rat-unit 5_Completed
Empty - please delete 21
OpenLDAP Replication and Server Configuration toby 15 inf-unit 5_Completed
Inventory System ktd 14 us-unit 5_Completed
Improved RPM submission tool ascobie 13 mp-unit 5_Completed
OpenLDAP Upgrade toby 16 inf-unit 5_Completed
Release Management cc 10 mp-unit 5_Completed
Web Technologies and Policy cms 8 services-unit 5_Completed
Enhancing the Solaris LCFG Platform cc 9 mp-unit 5_Completed
Publishing and Discussion Media Survey Paper cms 11 services-unit 4d_Dropped
FC5 services neilb 12 services-unit 5_Completed
Production Condor Service iainr 6 rat-unit 5_Completed
64-bit FC5 ascobie 5 mp-unit 5_Completed
Review of Backup Technology cms 4 services-unit 4d_Dropped
Production Cosign Service toby 3 inf-unit 5_Completed
Improved LCFG Distribution squinney 7 mp-unit 5_Completed
Project Management System ktd 1 us-unit 5_Completed
AFS file system cms 2 services-unit 5_Completed